About the Artist

Marc G Doutherd

Marc DoutherdMarc G. Doutherd Artist Bio: Born in California,USA on Feb. 9th, 1961 The word that describes Marc G. Doutherd is 'resilient' ! Although he has had no formal educational training in any of the Arts,Marc has always been able to render images,sculpt any substance,write music, and play most musical instruments. According to Marc,"Love is the overriding force behind my work,and it is that force and power that drives me to create". The philosophy behind his art is "Freedom".Freedom to expand artistically...freedom to experiment with new forms of art and new methods. A master of visual art forms, Marc started creating images on outside surfaces at the age of 5, using charcoal on concrete. Marc can render an image on any surface,with any usable medium.From figurative photo realism and surrealism to interpretational abstract, Marc G. Doutherd shows unlimited ability in terms of his creative energy and artistic innovation. His artistic disciplines include lithography,illustration,painting, graphic design,leather work, jewelry making, tanning, sculpture, glass blowing, musical instrument making, and music writing and composition. What you see when you view Marc G. Doutherd's art is a vision of the spiritual essence of his various subject matters as seen through his eyes. By way of Shamanic interpretation,with unbelievably bright hues that glow with a unique vibrancy, Marc captures what others try to see and understand. Press,Television and Radio: Sacramento Bee, Press Tribune, Public Broadcast Radio Canada, Auburn Journal, Sacramento Access Cable, Artist Review Magazine, United Press International, Sacramento News and Review. Collections: Gamze Ridley, Ridley Hall,Royal Family,London Fredricks / Mcintire collection

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